3. Nanocarbons for Energy Conversion: Supramolecular Approaches(Chapter 18. Nanocarbons in Li-Ion Batteries)

Edited by Nakashima, Naotoshi (Ed.) (Chapter 18 by Seok-Kyu Cho, JongTae Yoo and Sang-Young Lee)

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2. Printed batteries: materials, technologies and applications

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1. 리튬이차전지의 원리 및 응용 (Principles and Applications of Lithium Secondary Batteries)

박정기, 강기석, 김동원, 김성수, 김재국, 도칠훈, 박홍규, 송승완, 이상영, 이성만, 이영기, 이용민, 이창우, 한규승, 홍영식

홍릉과학출판사 (Hongreung science publishing company), 2010-8

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